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Mzuridance offers a series of pop up African dance classes to a selection of music from local and international artists on week nights or weekends throughout 2018. Classes in 2017 were at the Abbotsford Convent and then popped up in Fitzroy at the Florence Peel Centre.
Mzuridance classes get you moving and grooving starting each class with gentle movement to warm up the body and introduce the body parts to moving in new ways. Body isolations and musicality are part of centre practice as well as exploring the music, history and repertoire to each style we are learning about, including country and artist. i.e If we play music from Tanzania, then we will learn about the repertoire, story, artist and technique behind the music and dance.
Award winning choreographer Suzie Mzuri Watts is your teacher at Mzuridance classes. Suzie has a Bachelor of Education in Dance and has been performing and teaching dance for 25 years. To read more about Suzie click here.

MONDAYS 6-7pm and 7-8pm
14th October – 18th November 2019
at the Abbotsford Convent – Dorm 1

Suzie always returns from the mothers sister continent with amazing new music and dance-spiration to share!
Enjoy moving your body with popular Afrobeat & African dance & music. Learn a dance piece you can practice at home to help build your movement content. Make new connections with other people interested in African dance & build your awareness of what you are capable of when being introduced to practicing styles adapted from traditional & popular dance from East, Central and Southern regions of Africa with Suzie.

Afrobeat focus: Reflect on teachings from dancer and performer, Yeni Kuti, daughter of Fela Kuti following Yeni’s 2018 masterclass in African Dance at the Convent, Suzie revises Yeni’s choreography to the music of Femi Kuti.

Brakka Focus – BRA means beginning and KA means going out into infinity. Brakka is treaced back to anicent Egypt and the dance symbolises the cycle of birth, life, death and regenaration and letting go. More details to come.

This 6 week term culminates in a performance in Dorm 1 for family or friends at the end of November

Bookings will open on Tuesday 20th August 2019

THURSDAYS 6-7pm & 7-8pm
10th October – 28th November 2019
at the Florence Peel Centre, Fitzroy

This class is a relaxed and fun family friendly atmosphere with a strong community connection to the South Sudanese Australian families living in Fitzory who have been a vital part of Mzuri Dances cultural and artistic growth and development over the past few decades. There will be a performance for students to share their learnings with famiy or friends at a soiree evening performance at the end of November.
Bookings will open on Tuesday 20th August 2019


Studio Address:
The Florence Peel Centre, Fitzroy
Corner of Moor and Young Street. Enter studio up ramp on Young Street next to the Fitzroy Police Station.
Plus Spring courses:
Dorm 1 Abbotsford Convent
1 Heliers Place Abbotsford 


83 Bent Street 
3070 Vic