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International African and Hip Hop dancer choreographer Suzie ‘Mzuri’ Watts brings you Sessions 1 & 2 of her debut Body Grooves DVD Series. Suzie takes you through simple and clear steps towards a new confidence with your own body and how it moves. Whether you are an aspiring dancer or just want to get fit while having fun, Body Grooves is going to do it for you.

session 1 learn step by step African grooves choreography
session 2 learn step by step hip hop choreography

Warm up isolations cardio cool down
Featured Mzuri dancers
Mzuri choreography
BONUS special booty dance exercise

PLUS!! Music from DJ Taios and Mzuri CD ‘this is my beat’


“DVD IS A HIT. My daughter is completely obsessed with the DVD and has not stopped watching it since we got home yesterday afternoon…”

A Turner

Very cool Mzuri DVD. Have been using your ‘Bodygrooves’ DVD and wanted to tell you it is SO good!! ….my job is in developing learning/teaching resources,  so am very critical of this kind of thing. I think the DVD is really good in terms of the clarity of instructions, really good pace of progress and building up the bits into the final performance. It’s also very easy to navigate and nice to look at ..good camera work, colour, design, fonts..and what a lovely interview! And it’s a lot of fun of course…10/10!!

Barbara Goulborn, Curve Projects P/L

“Hi, I recently purchased your dvd and its great, can’t wait for the next one now. Cheers”

Veronica Allen